Red Cell Movie

Simon & Schusters "Red Cell" Series

Park City Pictures is pleased to announce the upcoming production of the world-renowned CIA thriller, “Red Cell”.

Red Cell is an espionage thriller in which the CIA’s “Red Cell” unit must locate a secret Iranian cargo shipment smuggled into Venezuela that threatens to change the global balance of power. 

Note: The CIA Red Cell is a real “devil’s advocate” analysis unit created on September 13, 2001 to consider the wilder theories that more conservative analysts reject…or in then-CIA Director George Tenet’s own words, to “tell me what no one else is telling me.”


A reclusive CIA analyst takes on a damaged, female partner and an assignment to uncover a nuclear conspiracy on the same day. When the US Navy recovers a dead Somali in a life raft, reclusive CIA “Red Cell” analyst JONATHAN BURKE traces the corpse to an Iranian freighter docked in Venezuela. He and his emotionally damaged partner KYRA STRYKER investigate the ship, but soon are hunted by Iranian and Venezuelan forces determined to protect the vessel’s secret–Venezuela and Iran have partnered to build nuclear weapons in the West, far away from Tehran and the UN’s prying eyes.

Check back for more details.